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Learn all about STREET FOOD!

Eetavontuur takes you on a culinary journey through the maze of street food culture. Our traveling and cooking guides provide you with authentic recipes and local street food addresses.

  • "Bangkok Street Food, cooking and traveling in Thailand" and "Hanoi street food, cooking and traveling in Vietnam" are published by Lannoo in English and Dutch.
  • Our third book, "Singapore and Penang street food" lets you discover a unique street food scene with influences from China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Europe.
  • "New York street food" is the latest catch. Did you think having diner in NYC means spending a lot of money at a fancy roof top restaurant? From gourmet food trucks in Midtown Manhattan to simple food stalls in Red Hook, street food is everywhere!

Order your book through the contact form or get it at Eetavontuur (Dok Noord 6A, Gent) or our noodle bar Ramen (Oudburg 51, Gent). The guides are 20 euros each and are shipped for free to an address in Belgium.