Ramen is Eetavontuur's Japanese noodle bar in the center of Ghent.

In Ramen you can enjoy a fast and original lunch. At a large counter in a small bar we lift your noon break to a much higher level. You will notice that authentic, creative soups, salads and snack are our goal.

  • If you ask in Vietnam for a Pho Bo noodle soup, guaranteed you'll get extra limes, chili dressing and peanuts served. So we do in Ramen: we offer you a window on the world. As you eat on the other side of the earth, so you will eat with us. One time you'll feel being in Japan eating our ramen noodle soup, another time you'll get the feeling being in Taiwwan eating our steamed buns.
  • You can join us from tuesday till saturday from 12h till 14h30. On friday and saturday evening you can reserve for groups between 12 and 18 persons.
  • You can find Ramen in Oudburg 51, 9000 Gent.

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